About this Event

GGlobal Shapers, you are invited to join us at SHAPE NAC 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia from July 26-28.

About SHAPE NAC 2019: This year’s SHAPE will be about “Bolding Shaping Beloved Communities.” We want to take a step towards building the type of beloved community that Atlanta legend Martin Luther King dreamed of – a community that embraces the inherent messiness of our open and equal society, reconciles our individual differences, and brings love and compassion to the center of our shared experience.

About Tickets: We are currently selling Early Bird tickets for $200 from May 1 to 1 Jun. On 1 Jun, tickets will go up to $250, open for sale until 30 Jun. Your ticket to SHAPE NAC 2019 includes:

  • SHAPE attendance and entrance to all programing

  • Housing for Friday and Saturday nights (there is an option for housing on Sunday night for additional $50)

  • Meals from Friday dinner through Sunday dinner

About Housing: Housing will be at a student dormitory (Woodruff Residential Center, 1495 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30322) on Emory campus, in suite-style rooms. Attendees will be matched with other same-gender attendees.

About commuters: If you are not staying on campus, we are in the process of determining where you will park. 

We will share more information about programming and participant information as we get closer to the date! In the meantime, please fill out the pre-SHAPE survey, if you have not done so already: https://www.shapenac.com/preshapesurvey


We look forward to connecting with you!

Global Shapers Atlanta Hub


General FAQ

1. What is SHAPE?

SHAPEs are regional events created by Shapers, for Shapers. This annual event connects Global Shapers with the tangible networks, capital, and resources necessary to magnify impact locally and globally.


2. I am not a Global Shaper, can I attend?

Registration for SHAPE NAC is reserved for:

  • Active Global Shaper from North America and the Caribbean

  • Active Global Shaper from other regions

  • Global Shaper alumni

  • Young Global Leader

  • World Economic Forum member

  • WEF Affiliates

Please note that space is prioritized for active Global Shapers from North America and the Caribbean region. We have limited space for the rest.


3. Are we allowed to bring friends and/or family to SHAPE events?

If you wish to bring a non-Shaper with you, we can review housing options on a case-by-case basis. However, SHAPE is an event for Global Shapers only. Please reach out to us at shapenac-participants@shapenac.com with subject line “Guest Housing.”


4. I am coming for only a portion of the conference, can I pay a reduced fee?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate reduced fee registrations for a portion of the conference.


5. If I want to come a day earlier or stay a day later, can I extend my accommodation?

There is an option to extend your stay through Sunday night (Monday morning check-out) for an additional $50. Given Emory University requirements, we cannot offer any stay before Friday night or after Sunday night.


6. What is included in the registration fee?

Your ticket to SHAPE NAC 2019 includes:

  • SHAPE NAC attendance and entrance to all programing

  • Housing for Friday and Saturday nights (there is an option for housing on Sunday night for additional $50)

  • Meals from Friday dinner through Sunday dinner


7. Can I room with someone I know?

We hope you would be open to meeting new Shapers by sharing a suite together — that’s what SHAPE is all about! If you feel strongly, please submit an email at shapenac-participants@shapenac.com with subject line “Roommate Request” and copy the person you want to room with. We will do our best to accommodate your request.


8. How many people will be rooming together?

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 6.38.07 PM.png

Four people will share a suite with two rooms. Each suite will have a private bath. Please see the floor plan to the right.


9. Is there a WhatsApp group or Facebook group for SHAPE NAC 2019 that I can join?

We will send out an invitation link to all registered participants via email.


10. If I am interested in leading or facilitating a session at SHAPE NAC, who should I reach out to?

Please indicate your interest in the pre-SHAPE survey. We will reach out to you if the fit aligns with our schedule and theme. If you have any additional thoughts or questions, please email us at shapenac-website@shapenac.com with subject line “Programming Inquiries.”


11. If my company or organization is interested in sponsoring the event, who should we contact?

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you or your organization about the sponsorship opportunity. Please email us at shapenac-website@shapenac.com with subject line “Sponsorship Inquiries,” and we will respond as promptly as possible.

12. Can I bring my infant?

To support Shaper parents, we will permit Shapers to bring their children to the conference. However, there are several considerations:

  • Parents must be directly caring for their children at all times.

  • We will not offer any child care services during the event.

  • We reserve the right to ask you to take your child off the premises if the team 

  • Emory housing is per person per night. Emory housing will not allow minors to stay in the dorms. As a result, please email the Shaper team at shapenac-participants@shapenac.com for further details.

  • Children will not be able to attend certain events and activities. 

  • You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability for your child's safety. 

If this is the case, please email shapenac-participants@shapenac.com to inform us 

If you bring your child without sufficient advance notice by June 30th, we reserve the right to deny you entry into the event and housing.

*Childcare Scholarship Opportunity - Momentum, the childcare-focused startup co-founded by the past Curator of the Norfolk Hub Aaz Mickens-Dessaso, is pleased to support Shape NAC 2019 by providing childcare scholarships for conference attendees. The Shape NAC Childcare Scholarship will offer financial assistance to Shaper Parents to offset childcare costs that will be incurred due to attendance at Shape NAC — whether you plan to arrange childcare in Atlanta or have childcare at home. The deadline to apply is July 7. For more information and to apply, visit https://www.heymomentum.com/shapenac

13. Breastfeeding / Pumping?

There is a lactation in the Emory School of Medicine building on the first floor, P180.

We are currently unsure of lactation facilities at our off site excursions.

14. Refund policy

We will refund tickets until June 30th, when ticket sales end. We will accept transfers until July 7th, if you are able to find someone to transfer your ticket to. 

15. Programming - First Look and Sched

Check out more about our programming via the first look information found here. Check out the finalized schedule and programming via our schedule here.

Please note that additional information regarding programming, checking-in, and visiting the city of Atlanta will be shared with participants closer to the date via email!

16. Transportation

SHAPE NAC.Emory Map (1).jpg

Transportation will not be provided between any events throughout the weekend except for the Atlanta Neighborhoods Learning Journeys on Saturday afternoon. Uber/Lyft ride sharing services can be used at your discretion. Check out the map to the right to learn more about how to navigate the Emory campus!